456. Planet discovered & surveyed by IISS.  Designated 769-89G.  
461. Officially named Qat after chief survey scout Nadir Qat.
468. Second survey of Qat recommends planet as a transit base for further
Beyond/Vanguard Reach exploration.
475-478.  Scoutbase Tlisman  established on Mondat Mesa.  
501-514. First long range survey into the trailing Vanguard Reaches launched from Qat.
544.  The Imperial Ministry of State opens Qat up as a relocation center for refugees
fleeing the collapse of the Liberty Hall Confederation & Die Weltbund agression.
565.  Population of Qat reaches the 1 million mark.
609. First shiploads of  Vargyr reach Qat as part of Emperor Olav's deportation policy.
620-624.  Hjaar Mutiny.  Scouts under base commander Iris Hjaar expel Imperial officials
to protest the squalid conditions of Vargyr deportees. Mutiny ends with reformation of the
deportation process & sacking of corrupt officials.
675.  First Zhodani raid on Qat.
688.  Delta Products Corp of Sha'anoe/Delta contracted to build 100 tonne scoutships for
the IISS.
701.  First slave raid into Qat system targets deportee convoys. The base is reinforced
with 23 SDB's & a company of Imperial Marines.  System of Siibs established.
787.  Gander incident.  The Gander, a 800 tonne trader filled with 234 refuges from
Jeldmar arrives on Qat & given sanctuary.  Two months later, a squadron of 5 Die
Weltbund destroyers arrive denouncing the refugees as criminals & demanding  they be
handed over.  Jan Oort, current chief scouts refuses.  In a spirited engagement, all but 1
destroyer is disabled at the lost of 2 SDB's.    Die Weltbund breaks off official
correspondence with the Imperium.
792-795. Operation Xinchak.  Qat becomes the base for an IISS survey & covert
operations into Die Weltbund.  Xinchak result in Imperial recognition of the League of
Free Worlds.  Covert operations & goods are supplied via the Scout Service for the next
two centuries.
797.  Second Zhodani raid. Zho squadron destroyed with all hands.
800-804.  Starbase Tethys, a class starport built in planetary orbit.
811.  Treaty of Qat establishes diplomatic relations between the Imperium & Esylat
814-817.  Starbase Tlisman upgraded.  Siibs expanded including 1 built with repair &
light industrial facilities.
816.  First SDB's launched on Qat.
816-820.  SORAG inflitrates Qat & establishes 3 clandestine bases.
834.  Major Zhodani fleet raid combined commando attacks.  Starbase Tethys heavily
834-844.  Major immigration of population off Qat after raids.  Declines by 2/3.
856.  Last SORAG cell eradicated.
862-873.  Glenna Ohrcaat Chief Scout.  First Vargyr scouts inducted during her tenure.
865.  Operation Saht establishes Qat as a base for covert operations against Zydarian
867.  First Qat built S-Type 100 tonne scoutship is commissioned.  283 will be built until
production ceases.
868-894.  Slaver War,  Qat acts as advance base for IISS & Imperial Navy forces.
871.  The bases on Qat become self-sufficient.  All further construction & upgrades built
880-1. Major upgrade to Starbase Tethys.  
885.  200- & 400-tonne transports first built on Tethys.
887.  Renewal of Zhodani attacks.
891-894.  Zydarian War.  Zydarian privateers (secretly financed & encouraged by
SORAG) wage war against Imperial outposts & allies.
893.  Battle 0f Buisiicz.  Imperial Scouts destroy Zydarian naval base on the moon of
894.  Treaty of Dunn/Quadiszc ends the Zydarian War.  Zydar agrees to a non-agression
pact with the Imperium.
898-925.  The Quiet Time, a period of expansion & peace.  The IISS resumes it's survey
work in the Beyond & Vanguard Reaches. Qat's population increases to 3.5 million, many
refugees from the Liberty Hall subsector.
898-914.  Expansion of Siib system including 7 new Factory Siibs.
925.  Amdresyvan incident.  The citizens of Amdresyvan on Qat destroyed by  ERW
weapon.  Die Weltbund financed privateers are discovered as culprits.
927-956.  Operation Sederlunt.  Covert operations against Die Weltbund drain much
Qat's resources & active scout personnel.  Amdresyvan, Vamreck, & Korse; the cities of
Qat dismantled during this time.  The Imperium heavily finances LOFWIA.
936. Scout mission to Shrine to investigate the 'Serenity' mystery.
968.  Desorji Act.  Land grants on Qat become available to retired scouts to encourage
970. Clandestine Seffern Conference on Qat  brings together the IISS, Webrunners &
Dark Goddesses.  Both parties agree to intelligence exchange.
977-984.  Dos Keverahn  becomes Chief Scout.  Starts a program of adding heavy defense
weapons to land grants.  Qat scouts active in the Liberty Hall, Die Weltbund subsectors.
980.  Chief Keverahn issues letters of marque.  Opens Qat to pirates & privateers.
Diplomatic overtures made to the Huin Hierarchy.
984.  Dos Keverahn killed by Die Weltbund  agents.  Beaufort Lines, staffed by
ex-Imperial naval and scout personnel is founded by Samuel Beaufort.  Original shipping
tonnage are "retired" IISS vessels.
993.  Chief Scout Maas Fhornest suspends the issuing of letters of mark.
997.  First Esylats inducted into the IISS.  
1000-1001.  Inspection tour of IISS outposts in The Beyond. Inspectors  recommend
decommissioning Qat.
1014.  Tethys Highport damaged by SORAG commandos.  Highport out of operation for 3
months.  Chief Scout Bukhra Storm removed from command.  Sanders Oort replaces her.
1015.   Countess Tesra Huin meets with Imperial diplomats on Qat. The countess signs a
nonagression pact between the Huin Hierarchy & the Imperium.  Raids on rimward IISS
outposts cease.
1018.  Case Retrograde.  SORAG deserter arrives on Qat & asks for and receives asylum
from the IISS.   Major intelligence coup that sets SORAG operations back several years.
Tensions increase between the Imperium & the Consulate in the Beyond & Far Reaches.
1021.  Starbase Tethys destroyed in a Zhodani/Die Weltbund strike. Chief Becker Fons &
most of the base personnel killed.  Jenna hault Vheiltaan interim chief.
1023. IISS backed by marines raid Zhawlty Nawsh knocking out Iezs Starbase.
1023-1026.  Shipping & facilities of Zhodani allied Die Weltbund nobles savaged in a
series of raids by IISS & privateers.  
1025.  The Zhodani Consulate & the Imperium negotiate a ceasefire in the Beyond, Far
Frontiers & The Vanguard Reaches.  Haas Beltran sent out to replace hault Vheiltaan.
1028-1031.  Second Imperial Survey recommends phasing out Qat as IISS subsector
1034.  Chief Scout Ord Manthil  prepares a report citing Trayfowen in the Mapepire
subsector as the best site for a new base for spinward Beyond IISS.  Report is accepted
by the Emperor and Moot.
1038-1057.  Operations slowly closed down on Qat.
1044.  Senior Scout Hantil Lees & Second Secretary Lucan hault Niivol propose using Qat
and IISS retirees and their family as a basis for a clandestine Imperial intelligence asset.
The Ministry of State accepts the proposal passing upward.  Emperor & The Moot accept
the proposal incorporating it into the land grants to be issued to prospective colonists.
1048.  The first land grants are issued, all to former scouts, establishing the Laansrab. In
six years the Laansrab families will grow to 36 families.
1049.  Pirate raid on Qat repelled with great loss by the IISS.
1052.  Auction of surplus IISS ships, vehicles & equipment held on Qat.
1054.  Laansrab Council organized with Sana Oort as its first Facilitator.
1055.  Articles of Confederation confirmed by the Laansrab families by a 87% majority.
1057.  The IISS formally hands over control of Qat to the Laansrab.  The Laansrab
declares a self-imposed Red Zone around the system.
1060.  The sixth Facilitator Lucan Sayre removes the Red Zone, starting new immigration.
1065-1068 Slaver War.  A period of intense raiding by slavers testing Qat's defenses, all
repulsed by local forces.  Qat is left at peace for 33 years.
1072.  First five Market Towns established with Class D Starports
1074.  Shanna Fhornest murdered by Zhodani agents.
1075.  Survivors of the pirate ship Hand of Theviol, scattering on arrival. Their arrival
causes  rumors of a hoard of Zuchai crystals buried on Qat.
1077.  Refugees from Die Weltbund allowed to settle on Qat,
1080.  Jagoret Accords  allows the Dark Goddesses pirate syndicate  to trade and refit on
Qat while banning pirate bases.   Webrunners sign the Accords 3 years later.
1084.  Fourth Frontier War.  Quiet except for Zhodani recon missions.
1085.  Shipyard at Port Sawreven restarts  building 100 tonne scout/courier & 100 tonne
1086.  7 Zydarian based pirate ships destroyed in raid on Port Sawreven.  Treaty of Yrtsas
ends Zydarian raids and establishes Zydarian trading right on Qat.
1090.  Total population on Qat reaches 1 million.
1090-1094.  St. Foy/Die Weltbund War.  Qat sends material support  & ships to assist St.
1092.  The Laansrab turns down membership in the Comsentient Alliance.  Planetary
navy  fields 123 100 tonne SDB's as part of the first planetary naval exercise.
1096.  Shipyards start turning out 200 tonne spaceships and starships.
1099.  First Aslans arrive on Qat, living in scattered settlements.
1101.  Investigations into a slave ship captured in Qat space turns up the term "Tuablin"
in connection of the slave trade.
1103.  The first 'Viper' class ships converted from 100 tonne scout/couriers. 376 are built
between 1103 and 1120.
1104.  324 100 tonne and 76 200  tonne SDB's  are part of the yearly military exercises.
1106.  The Laansrab increased to 43 families.
1107.  The population of Qat reaches 5 million.
1107-1110.  Fifth Frontier War.  Qat sends out 38 privateering ships to aid the Imperial
1112.  Hantil class 400 tonne SDB launched at Sawreven shipyard.  27 are built between   
1112 and 1124.
1114.  The Marquessa Juliet de Sade (see Rogues Gallery) purchases a siib on Qat.  
Great extends the siib and build a mansion over the top of the siib.
1115.   Santhil Incident.  Pirate leader Yves Santhil challenges the Laansrab. Quickly put
down by local forces assisted by pirates including Douglas McKimmon.
1116.  Pirate captain Douglas McKimmon (see Rogues Gallery) purchases a siib on Qat.  
Builds a D class port on his property.
1118-1121.  Slaver raids increase in frequency.  Stop after the last few raids are
destroyed without landing on the planet.
1122.  Gen Lees becomes Facilitator.
For 6 centuries, Qat flourished as a  scoutbase.  First as the Imperium's port of entry into the
spinward Beyond, then as a waystation for the IISS's more forward bases.  In it's last centuries, Qat
became a center of Imperial covert activity against the Zhodani & other Imperial enemies.  This
came to an end  in 1057 when the IISS withdrew from Qat, handing over the scoutbase to the local
inhabitants (many of whom were ex-scouts or descendants of scouts).  

Political control is loosely exercised through the Laansrab Council, consisting of the 48
Laanrab(Laanrab is both a domain & the title of the head of the Laansrab family) families. Rumors
circulate, however that the Imperial Ministry of State via the IISS still maintains some measure of
control.  Locals deny these rumors vigorously.

Qat has a class C  starport (the former IISS downport starbase) & a scattering of D & E class
starports located in or near the myriad market towns.  Besides the caches left behind by the IISS,
Qat's economy is supported by smalltime manufactoring mostly aimed at an offworld clientale of
free traders, privateers, pirates, smugglers, & adventurers.

Though criminals are welcome on Qat, criminal syndicates not allowed to operate or even have
resident agents on Qat.  The majority of organizations have accepted this condition.  The fates of
the few who have tried (Tuablin, Ltd) to buck the locals have been unpleasant & educational.

For defense, Qat's millions are scattered across the planet in underground installations, called
Siibs.  These Siibs range from family dwellings to underground factories.  Every Siibs, besides
being hidden by natural & technical camouflage, are guarded by land to space batteries ( from
either IISS stories or by trade).  No exact count of Siib's are known, but is readonable they exist in
the tens of thousands. Siibs are also built and rented to off world visitors.

Defense is handled by highly trained planetary militias maintained by the Laansrab who form the
gunnery crews, ground forces and ship crews.  Each Laanrab maintains at least 1 SDB.  The total
number of SDB's are rumored to be over 500 plus three times that many fighters.  Those totals do
not include armed vessels that use Qat as a base and who are obligated to aid in defense when on
planet.  Ground defence includes shipboard weapon systems either built locally or dismounted
from scrapped or wrecked ships.  
1.  Port Sawreven Downport.  Owned by the Manwaring family. Planetary downport.  
Laansraab Council Hall.  Ship construction & all repairs, armaments, medical facilities,
medical supplies, legal services, land grant office, planetary militia headquarters.
2. Rookh's Aerie.  Market Town. Controlled by the Talon family. Armaments, Electronic
gear, grav craft, minor ship repairs.  
3. Frostheim. Market Town. Controlled by the Ackermehq family. Survival equipment,
unrefined fuel, armaments, furs, small land & sea vehicles.
4. Hantil.   Market Town,  Controlled by Amadhun family.Ship's stores, fresh foodstuffs,
gems, small arms, blades.
5. Kleve.  Market Town.  Controlled by the Hierak family.  Water & hover small craft, small
submersibles, armaments, enviromental gear, fresh & preserved seafood.   
6. Auteil Raas.  Market Town controlled by the Slain family.  Medical facilities, ship
repair, medical college.
7. Kika Landing.  Controlled by the Kika family.  Armaments, armour, & enviromental
suits.  Small craft & vehicle repairs and modifications.  
8. Kaatsmeer.  Controlled by the Kholran family. Factory.  Civilian & military vehicle
construction, heavy armaments, pharmacopia.
9. Pandaheim.  Controlled by the Pandaheim family.  Factory.  computers, sensors, ECM
systems, drives, maintenance craft.  
10. Keran's Drift.  Controlled  by the Sissons family.  Factory.  Ship construction and
repair.  Builds ships up to 2000 tonnes.  Drives.  
11.Sandport. Controlled by the Qulph family.  Precious gems, foodstuffs, military college.
12. Amarind Roost.  Controlled by the Finvaar family.  Factory.  Construction and mining
contragravity, belter gear and suits, seeker ships, weapons, precious gems.
Market Towns form the focus of trade between local communities and offworlders.  
Many of the towns have a particular specialty: medical facilities & supplies,  foodstuffs,
munitions, vehicles,  & ships are examples.  Eschaad's Landing  handles vehicle repair
and sales  (vehicles are stored in underground bunkers) and munitions.  Property was
sold to retired pirates in 1078 by Atta Eschaad, head of the Eschaad Laansrab family.
Link to Port Sawreven, Qat's Starport
Link to Siibs, living on Qat