Phoenix is a courier/information service registered on Liberty Hall/Liberty Halls as a closed
corporation.  Physical location Guildheim/Liberty Hall.

Established in 1082, Phoenix has a well earned reputation as a fast, discreet, & tough courier
service.   Personnel were a vetted miscellany of some of the best pilots in the Beyond,
Vanguard Reaches, Far Frontiers & Foreven sectors.

Much of their funding is secretly  provided by the Imperium through the Darkling Orb operation.

Phoenix is only the latest of a long line of clandestine shipping firms established by the

The first was Iridesi Lines (738-844) registered and based on Mapepire Balsyn/Mapepire in the
Beyond sector.  It operated as a syndicate of Free Traders that practiced smuggling in
conjunction with normal trading.  Personnel were a mixed bag ex-IISS scouts and legitimate
Free Traders. Ex-pirates, merchants, privateers were to add their expertise to the enterprise.

Each incarnation had a limited existence, either destroyed by enemy action(Aker Lines),
competition or pirates.  Often the Powers would decide it was time to dissolve the company.  
The successor companies were normally activated before the end of their predecessors.

A decision was made just before the Fourth Frontier War by the Ministry of State to  sp lit cargo
hauling into one company and courier service.  In 1084, months apart Beaufort Lines and
Phoenix couriers came into existence.

The first director of Phoenix was Samian Kos Vharian, a scout who retired to Liberty Hall. It was
Samian who first reached to the pirates of Dark Goddesses and  Webrunners.  Samian died in
the Fifth Frontier War. Sylvia Rikkidan succeeded him and moved the headquarters to
Guildheim, leasing the asteroid Yslet from the Michaelmas family.  Yslet was  fitted out as a
starport for the company while she acquired a subsidized merchant at a Guildheim auction.  
Renamed the Sondkorian, it became the headquarters for Phoenix operations, able to move
from the system when needed.

Sir Manaxian R. Darkhstarr in 1014 became a assistant director under the name Ryuken
Machievelli after he was seconded to the diplomatic service.  in 1118 he became director under
Ryuken's name.  After being dismissed from the diplomatic service Manax became director
under his own name.

Aside from funding from the Imperium, Phoenix Couriers has man secret sources of money. The
main clandestine sources break down as follows:  Imperial Ministry of State: 54%, regional
corporations 17%, Guildheim 11%. Liberty Hall 8%, Trayfowen 7%, private individuals 3%.

Darkhstarr's aides aboard the Sondakorian Yulail, a female Aslan who is assistant director;
Khuruasa Laakin,  legal; Andrus Akor scout and veteran of the X-Boat service on
communications; Petyr Manwaring navy and chief engineer (shuttling between Yslet and the
Sondakorian; Nessa  Yondarian, intelligence and laison with Dark Goddesses, Yvian Deskort
scout, ship engineer.

Besides the Sondakorian, Phoenix has Operation Centers on Guildheim & Liberty Hall in the
Liberty Hall subsector and Mapepire Balsyn and Trayfowen in the Mapepire subsector.

Phoenix's secret agreements with Dark Goddesses and Webrunners involves sharing
intelligence,assisting  smuggling & sanctuary.  The pirates in return contribute naval muscle
when needed.  A minority of DG captains have been opposed to this cooperation.  The Ministry
of State tolerates this arrangement as long as Imperial interests are served and the Imperium
suffers no embarrassments.
Phoenix's official uniform is normally worn by base and support personnel.  Couriers normally
wear their uniforms on formal occasions or when required for a mission.  
Above:  Official logo for Phoenix
Couriers, LLC

Right:  Manax Darkhstarr in the
official uniform of Phoenix
Couriers.  A mix of carapace with
diplo armour on the torso. Add a  
helmet  and you have a vacc suit.
NPC's operating out Guildheim/Liberty Hall, The Beyond
YUYAIL: Female Aslan Merchant.  Age: 34  UPP: 8B7AA6. Computer-4, Dewclaw-2, Gauss-3,
Admin-3, Tolerance-3, Laison-2, Robotics-1, Law-4, Commo-3  Reddish-blond fur. Amber eyes.
Manax's Chief of operations and commander of the Sondakorian. Yuyail was XO on an Aslan
freighter taken by slavers.  she successfully hid her tech skills and avoided transformation
into a zombie tech.  Defaulted into the unskilled labor force, she didn't stay there long. Yuyail
was surgically altered for the harem of a Tuablin client.  Before she could be trained, a covert
scout squad led by Manax wiped out the slavers.  Unable to return to her clan, she went and
joined up with Phoenix.  Her experiences had make her taciturn & cold except around her
rescuer, to whom she is fiercely loyal. Rising quickly through the ranks, Phoenix Couriers has
become her new clans.  Rumors circulate about the intimacy of her relation with Manax
Darkhstarr, which neither party confirm or deny.

KHURUASA LAAKIN:  Female Human Merchant.  Age: 29.  UPP: 8969A7.  Skills: Trader-3,
Computer-4, Pistol-2, Admin-3, Forgery-2, Streetwise-1 Carousing-1, Commo-1, Ship's Boat-1,
Vacc Suit-1. Long, dark brunette hair. Blue/gray eyes.  Bronzed, slim body.  A third
generation  member of Phoenix, she entered Guildheim Merchant Academy at age 11. She
handles all the business contracting and  coordinates Couriers.  Friendly, and unassuming,
her frivolous is both her nature and her mask to mask a sharp business mind.

ANDRUS AKOR: Male Human Scout.  AGE: 48 UPP: 8C78A6.  SKILLS: Commo-3, Computer-2,
Vacc Suit-2, Electronics-3, Laser-2, Pistol-1, Mechanical-2, Blade-1, Engineering-2,
Robotics-3, Ship's Boat-2.  Short, blonde hair. Bluish-green eyes.  Pale skin.  An old friend
from Darkhstarr's scout academy days and a native of Liberty Hall, Andrus is affable, if a bit
snarky,  Has spent his entire days in the X-Boat service. This suits him well as he suffers from
a rare form of jumpspace sickness and travels in low berth when going between worlds.

PETYR MANWARING:  Male Human Navy.  Age: 55.  UPP: AA7884. SKILLS: Computer-2,
Engineering-5, Laser-2, Robotics-4, Cutlass-2, Admin-2, Electronics-4, Mechaniical-3,
Carousing-2, Brawling-2, Vacc  Suit-3, Ship's Boat-1, JOT-1.  Short, medium brown hair. Light
brown eyes. Light, golden-brown muscled skin, surp[rising agile for his size.  Petyr is glib,
humorous, gentle-hearted, and is popular with his shipyard  employees.  A veteran of the navy
and shipyards of Beaumonde Industries(the latter he left under dubious circumstances)  he
has retired to oversee Phoenix's  shipyards.  He constantly fear assasination and never
travels without his floating security bots (armed with laser, gauss gun w/44 rounds, gas

NESSA YONDARIAN: Female Human Pirate.  AGE:36.  UPP: 7A9A96.  SKILS:  Computer-3,
Intrerogation-2, Streetwise-3, Cutlass-2, Gauss-3, Unarmed Cbt-1, Medical-1, Vacc Suit-1,
Grav Vehicle-1, Carousing-2. Medium length blonde hair tied in a gueue.  Blue eyes.  Golden
brown lithe body.  Rose tattoo on right cheek.   Charming,but absolutely ruthless, Nessa is a
member of Dark Goddesses recruited in 1114.  Despite her cardeer choice, she deplores
cruelty and needless death.  Chief of intelligence, she is also laison with Dark Goddesses and
Webrunners.   Nessa owns a Viper IV escort named the 'Questor', and was instrumental in the
design and adoption of the Viper IVs

EIARTHYA:  Female Aslan Navy.  Age: 46.   UPP: 698AB8.  SKILLS:  Admin-3, Engineering-4,
Computer-4, Electronics-3, Commo-2, Dewclaw-2, Gauss-2, Tolerance-3, Grav
Vehicle-1,Laison-1, JOT-3.  Tawny fur with chocolate brown highlights.  Green eyes. A
veteran of the Imperial Navy, She is very focused, sane, & too serious to understand a joke.  
Eiarthya is generous with praise for competence as she intolerant of fools.   Chief of the
docks for Phoenix's Guildheim dockyard.  

ANTIL MAKADON: Male Human Merchant.  Age: 33   UPP: 8778A7.  SKILS: Pistol-1, Laison-2,
Trader-2, Streetwise-2, Carousing-2, Admin-1, Computer-2, Commo-2, Dancing-1.  Medium
long blonde hair tied in a queue.  Gray eyes,   Lightly tanned slender body.   A native of
Guildheim, Antil was recruited  out of Guildheim Merchant Academy for courier ship support.
Rising quickly through the ranks, he is now the business agent for courier pilots. A
meticulous tradesman, he always try to keep up with the current data on courier jobs, crews,
astrogation data, and anything else pilots need. He is very closed mouthed about Phoenix and
any query about its operations to outsiders.  If pressed, he change the subject or feed false or
misleading information.

GELT(see Rogues Gallery):  Phoenix, s resident trouble shooter since 1114. Occasionally
takes extremely dangerous courier assignments.

ARMAATI KAN: Female Human Assasin.  Age: 34.  UPP: ACA776.  SKILLS: Gauss-4, Stealth-2,
Computer-2, Dagger-3,, JOT-1, Battledress-1, Grav Vehicle-2, Uarmed Cbt-2, Acting-2. Long
red hair.  Green eyes.   Bronze muscular body.   Armaati is an eshenili assasin on a longterm
contract as Manax's bodyguard.  Cold and professional, she has a quirky romantic streak.  Her
'official' status  is as Manax's mistress, her demeanor bubbly and friendly.  Her favorite tools
are gauss weapons & TBRC's(Throwing Blade, Remote Control).
Couriers based on Guildheim, though they be found elsewhere depending on work.
MIRZA FUJIKAWA(MIRZA AKI NOIRE)(see Rogues Gallery):  Female Human Pirate.  As of 1124,
Mirza has graduated from Guildheim Merchant Academy and splits her time between The
House of Lords and Phoenix Couriers.  Pilots the medical scout 'Beautiful Dreamer'.  
SKILLS:9(1125): Medical-2, Gauss-1, Cutlass-2, Pilot-2, Navigation-1, Vacc Suit-1, Survival-1,
JOT-1, Computer-2.  PSIONICS:  Level 9 Teleporter.  Favorite weapon: Psionic cutlass(katana)
made on planet Lilith.

YVS FANTIL:  Female Zhodani SORAG:  Age:36.  UPP: 6A7987.  SKILLS: Pilot-2, Navigation-1,
Stealth-2, Computer-2, Demolition-1, Carousing-2, Gauss-3, Disguise-2, Engineering-1,
Robotics-1, Forgery-1, Unarmed Cbt-1, Interrogation-2.  PSIONICS: Telepath Level 9.  Very short
red hair. Amber eyes. Lightly tanned , tall athletic body.  Yvs (not her true name) is a firery and
eccentric hedonist whose cover when she was SORAG was an Imperial privateer.  She grew to
love the outlaw life so when the 5th Frontier War ended she fled into the Beyond to avoid
re-education.  She was eventually recruited by Phoenix and given a new persona and altered
appearance. Working as a high risk courier gives Yvs all the thrills and money to live a full,
wild life.   Viper IVs class courier 'Ydsadril'.

LUCAN FOS:  Male Human Scout:  Age: 28.  UPP: A99674.  SKILLS: Pilot-3, Navigation-1,
Engineering-2, Computer-1, Commo-1,  Survival-1, Blade-1, Pistol-1, Laser-1, Streetwise-1,
Carousing-2, Vacc Suit-1.  Short, black hair.  Brown eyes.  Light brown athletic body.  A former
Imperial scout ,the dapper Lucan quit the service for less higher authority and higher pay.  
Despite his greedy nature, Lucan is bascially honest and a good friend to his fellow pilots.  
Aluyhail class scout 'Kondaroi'.

WENDIGO JAMES:  Male Human Navy.  Age: 43.  UPP: 898675.  SKILLS: Pilot-4, Nav.-3,
Cutlass-2, Carousing-2, Brawling-2, Tactics-1, Engineering-1, Electronics-1, Pistol-1,
Computer-2, Commo-2,  Vacc Suit-2, Ship's Boat-2,  JOT-3, Gambling-1.  Light brown medium
length hair.  Gray eyes.  Bronzed, lean body. Laser scar left forehead.  A retired Imperial fighter
pilot, Wendigo is cynical and sarcastic.  Add a violent temper and this kept him planetbound
after retirement.  Thrown in a jail, Manax paid his fines and offered him a job as a courier.
Getting some of the more physically dangerous jobs, Wendigo not bored anymore.   Very good
friends with Thaeawai.

ENZIO LAKATA:  Human Male Scout .  Age: 25.  UPP: AA6565.  SKILLS: Pilot-2, Nav.-2,
Engineering-1, Survival-1, Blade-2, Shotgun-1, Commo-1, Computer-1, Carousing-1.  Long red
hair.  Green eyes.  Muscular, chocolate brown muscled body.  Sunny and playful, is the son of
Marta Lakata,  and one of Phoenix's newest courier.  After his mother was killed two years ago,
he resigned rom the IISS and joined Phoenix to avenge her death.    He has little love for pirates
which causing some friction with some of his fellow pilot with pirate backgrounds.   Viper IVs
scout 'Megara'.

THAEAWAI:  Female Aslan Pirate;  Age; 28.  UPP: 6C79A5.  SKILLS: Pilot-2, Nav.-1, Commo-1,
Engineering-1, Dewclaw-2, Gauss-2, Tactices-1, Gunnery-1, Streetwise-1, Tolerance2.  Rusty
brown fur. Amber/Green eyes.  Three earrings each ear. Spiral tattoo on each palm.  Funny
and hypweractive, Thaea becomes cool and focus under stress.  A fourth generation member
of Dark Goddessses, she is on permanent loan from the 'House of Lords'(see Corsairs of the
Beyond) for services rendered.  Viper IVs scout 'Tuolheia'.