The Third Imperium has a long history of clandestine operations & organizations to further its
political & commercial interests.  Some have operated seemingly counter to Imperial or
commercial interests only to further those same interests in the long run.  

The oldest of these ongoing groups is The League of Sophonts, founded in 112 of the Imperial
age.  Called originally the League of Sophonts Against Tyranny & Oppression, the group
consisted of highminded members of the Imperial family, bureaucrats, nobles & plutocrats  to
prevent & combat slavery, forced labor, & exploitation irregardless of species & class.  
Constant among the group's often changing agendas is the opposition to slavery & the 'Major
Race'  Theory.  The latter has made LOS popular with the Comsentient Alliance & LOS
representatives are treated as Associate Members of the Alliance with a seat at the Grand
Council of the Great Hall at Rabanitas/Zydar

The LOS received impetus & new direction during the time of the First Frontier War, the civil
war & the abuses, atrocities, tyranny, & lawlessness that accompanied the aftermath in the
Spinward Marches.  It also formed a powerful counterpoint against the Outworld Coalition.
Later, during the Psionics Suppressions, LOS provided sanctuary to Psi's as well as furnished
money & ship to immigrate outside the Imperium.  The latter activities lost LOS many
supporters in the Imperial Moot, followed by a purge in the Imperial Bureaucracy.  Since early
900's LOS has been under watch by the Ministry of State & IBIS.  IBIS in particular has
standing orders to unmask the LOS leadership. Despite this, LOS has be able to recruit
members from the MOS (mostly scouts) & a few IBIS agents.  

A major part of LOS current activities ( and a cover for it more covert activities ) is running
hostels similar to the Travellers Aid Society.  Unlike the TAS, LOS hostels are nonprofit &
cater to distressed or refugee sophonts.  LOS has no central committee, instead each LOS
chapter (be it planetary, systemwide or several planetary systems) by a small, elected board
headed by a chairman who choose the COO (Chief Operating Officer) who formulates or puts
inyo motion directives from the board, CFO (Chief Financial Officer) who handles all the unit's
financial concerns, & COM (Chief Operations Manager) who handles day to day operations orf
the LOS unit.  Under the COM, is the SOD (Special Operations Director) who handles all
cladestine operations.  The Special Operations consists of specialist volunteers know as
Wrenn who direct, hire specialists, or in some cases, handle missions themselves.

Funding for operations come from donations & from many of the League's clandestine
transport operations.  Though the Imperial Navy & IBIS have shut down many of the funding
sources, they have unable to uncover major sources due to interference from powerful
magnates, nobles of their own personnel.  The latter circumstance came to light after the
courtmartial of Imperial Naval officers(the Five Sisters Scandal) for misuse of funds from the
sale of Zhodani ships & equipment captured in the Fifth Frontier War in 1112.  One of the
officers, a Lt. Commander Tzin Paul Karpiu, confessed to being a LOS paymaster.

The largest LOS unit are located in the Beyond subsector one covering almost all the
Mapepire Cluster Worlds & in the Liberty Hall subsector operating in most of the unaligned
worlds there.

The League was successful in creating both the  League of Free Worlds & the League of Free
Worlds Insurgent Army (in fact many of the key members of the latter were retired Imperial
personnel).  With the break of the LOFW & the increasing criminalization of the LOFWIA, the
LOS suffered a setback.  One of their current operations the LOS is encouraging the
recreation of the Liberty Hall Confederation as a subsectorwide counterpoint to the power Die
Weltbund. Since the Imperial Ministry of State  also supports this development, for the
Ministry & LOS are working together instead of in their usual operations.  
Founded by Sir Leslie Ian Alexander March in 832( see Paranoid Press's The Beyond) is a
private security company operating in the Imperium ( with a Imperial warrant from the Ministry
of State & Empress Paula II) operating in the wilder sections of the Imperium, pro-Imperial
sections of the Foreven sector, coreward regions of the Trojan Reaches, the Vargyr Reach in
the Vanguard Reaches, & throughout the Beyond sector.  IDES works closely with local,
planetary, & interplanetary law enforcement providing information services (much like
Interpol), training of police in modern & enlightened police practices, The group also handles
crimes that local police can't handle to escape from jurisdiction on a fee basis.  IDES also
operates a series of penal planets handle IDES arrests, interplanetary criminals or criminals
too dangerous or hot for local prisons to handle.   

IDES also provide highly paid professionals (called 'Marchers' ) to handle special investigations
or operations.  Due to the nature of their work, the names & faces of the Marchers are
unknown to protect them & their families from reprisal.

IDES has been very successful in curtailing piracy (except for large groups such as
Webrunners & Dark Goddesses), & slavery (exception for Tuablin).  It has been less
successful in combating corporate espionage (mostly theft of Imperial patents, devices)
though it has successful against Macer Arms & Beaumonde Industries.

Despite its Imperial origins & support, IDES' reputation & integrity has earned  respect &
cooperation with the worlds of the Comsentient Alliance.  The Alliance grant IDES a sectional
headquarters on Rabanitas, headquarters of the CA in 1066.

IDES headquarters are on Regina/Regina.   In the Beyond sectional headquarters are on
Mapepire Balsyn/Mapepire,  Alekhine/Die Weltbund,  Ljubljulianna/Mal'Gnar,  
Intercourse/Delta,  Delta Centre/Metchi'Alagwa, Botany Bay/The Northeast Middle Beyond,
Northstar/The Darkling Regions, Rabanitas/Zydar,  Yearning/The Middel Beyond,  Albazar/The
Spinward Drift, Rock/I-Glathriel,  Stormhold/The Storm.
Founded in 984 by Sir Samuel Beaufort (see Paranoid Press' the Beyond), Beaufort Lines is the
latest(earlier attempts included Aker Lines) & most enduring Imperial transport concern in the
Beyond.  It succeeded where other Imperial efforts failed for several reasons. For one, Samuel,
though an Imperial merchant prince, was of the  second generation of his family on Guildheim &
married into the Remion family.  Even more important was the Imperial financial & material support
he brought to the Razates.  Also, as a part of Imperial policy (though unofficial), Beaufort was
manned by retired & reserve officers of the Imperial, many who settled in the Guildheim system.  As
a result, not only did the Guildheim navy become a regional power, but the Razas' pet project,
Guildheim Merchant Academy, became the institution it is today, drawing students in from the
Beyond & the three closest sectors.  As a result, Samuel became knighted by the Emperor Gavin &
raised into the Razate by a vote of all the Raza families.

Though first using ex-Imperial vessels, in the last century the Line has been purchasing Delta
Research Wind class Scout/Couriers, helping to forge an  important business partner in Delta
subsector for both Beaufort & Guildheim.

With transport routes from the Mal'Gnar(with exclusive trading rights  to the Mal'Gnar radiant) to the
Zydar subsector (where it links up with Parallel Lines routes), Beaufort is well off financially, is well
placed for intelligence gathering, all which is shared with the Razates on Guildheim, & the Imperium.
Beaufort Lines also have Imperial Warrants of Reprisal, while rarely exercised, allow the use of force
to retaliate against attacks on Beaufort ships & facilities.  Beaufort Lines' Imperial registry has also
curtailed Die Weltbund raiders that otherwise would seriously threaten Beaufort's commercial trade.

Due to the skill & armament of most Beaufort units, the line is fairly immune to piracy except from
the large syndicates like Dark Goddesses & Webrunners.  Those two organizations Beaufort has
neutralized through a mixture of force, negotiation & the recognition of common enemies (Parallel
Lines, Tuablin, & the menace of Die Weltbund) that has created a culture of intelligence sharing
between Beaufort & the two great corsair syndicates.  During the great St. Foy/Die Weltbund War,
Beaufort Lines had an important role, allowing use of its facilities for support of the independent &
organized pirates gathering in support of St. Foy. As well  the Starhammer operation & conferences
came about because of Beaufort influence among various captains of Webrunners & Dark
As the largest & third most powerful (Trelyn Domain & Esylat Magistry are 1 & 2) naval force in the
region, Die Weltbund is a constant concern to her neighbors.  Lying astride the major Imperium
routes into the Beyond & Fareven sectors & aligned at times with the Zhodani Consulate, DW's
navy have been a concern to Imperium.   Imperial commercial entities have suffered constant
attack & harassment since the 700's.  This led to the Imperial/Die Weltbund War of 901-908 where
a Imperial Batron supported by lighter units decimated the DW fleets in the Harem sector.  Though
ship for ship Imperial vessels greatly outmatched the Weltbunders, the effort proved too costly to

To economically protect Imperial interest two methods were tried by the Imperial Naval with the
help of the Ministry of State.

The first was beefing up of scout bases & forces in the region & replacing naval units with scout
units (particularly in the Vargyr Reach).   This including the transfer of older (but still effective)
naval vessels to scout service.  The zenith of this effort was the transfer of 2 Azhanti High
Lightning Frontier Cruisers to the Beyond & a further 4 built under license by Jacquerie of the
Trelyn Domain.  This effort suffered cutbacks after the 4th Frontier War with closing down of
several scout bases in the Beyond sector.

The second involved the use of local forces, mercenaries, & privateers/pirates as a balance
against Die Weltbund aggression.  The most obvious choice was the Trelyn Domain, an Imperial
client & the largest & most powerful state in the region.  However, there were problems inherent is
using the Domain.  Firstly, the Trelyn Domain is the main counterpoint to Zhodani client states to
coreward.  Secondly, the Domain is currently following an program of expansion in the Vanguard
Reaches.  Thirdly, because of the second reason, the Domain is intensively disliked by its
neighbors who rally against any expansion into the Beyond.  The last reason is many of the region
states are anti-Imperium.  So, the Imperium had to get creative.

The first effort, Operation Blue was a pure Imperial Naval Intelligence effort aimed at propping up
the League of Free Worlds, Guildheim, & St. Foy, the three powers in the Liberty Hall  with the
organization & manpower to give Die Weltbund too many problems to follow an expansive foreign
policy.  A side effort was financial & technical aid to the planet Beaumonde, the military-industrial
giant of the Mapepire sector.  This aid was given in exchange for the various Beaumonde
corporations giving preferred treatment to Imperial clients.  The latter was not without drawbacks,
as it involved Imperial patents being given without compensation to the patent holders(leading to
investigations & lawsuits).  Secondly, Beaumonde Industries, the largest concern of planet
Beaumonde have a history of double dealing, providing Die Weltbund & its enemies with ships &
armaments.  The most notorious was under Reyno Beaumonde, where the company built naval
vessels for Die Weltbund from plans supplied by the Zhodani Consulate(including 6 Azhanti High
Lightnings copied from the Vermillion Stance, a AHL captured by the Zhodani).  Ibis would
eventually eliminate Reyno.

The second was Code Sushiak, the recruiting of pirates as mercenaries & privateers, given
immunity & carte blanch as long as they refrained from attacking Imperial & client shipping.  This
effort was coupled with the  secret recruitment of Imperial Naval officers as pirates in the Harem
subsector of the Beyond & the Liberty Hall & Mapepire subsectors of the  Beyond.  In the 4th & 5th  
Frontier War this played dividends as the corsairs combined with the Imperial & local forces kept
Die Weltbund's navy  too busy strangle Imperial shipping in the Harem & Mapepire subsectors.
Naval Intelligence became aware of  Webrunners & their activities during the Imperial/Die
Weltbund  War and send advisors & material help to that organization.  The Webrunners-Naval
Intelligence connection today is more a data exchange as Intelligence no longer is authorized to
rendered material aid. The intelligence connection is even more important now that Webrunners
has moved their activities more rimward  towards areas where the Imperial intelligence network
does not reach.  Dark Goddesses was harder to  arrange as that group is first & foremost pirates
with trading as a side activity.  Also, unlike Webrunner captains, DG captains rarely  bothered
with letters of marque or warrant in their trade. By around 1000,  Intelligence had an inkling of
how large & organized Dark Goddesses' pirate activities were they were sending out emissaries to
that organization.  The big break came with the capture of Dark Godessess captain Coresi Sanae
Ki Darkhstarr & her squadron during a raid in the Fareven sector.  Negotiations gained the release
of all but Coresi, her son & daughter & daughter-in-law inchange for intelligence  & cooperation
against non-DG pirate gangs & Die Weltbund raiders.  Coresi & her family officially put under
Imperial protection in return for betraying their fellow pirates while actually acting as DG
representative in the Imperium.  Dark Goddessess, in  turn keep up the fiction by referring to her
as 'The Traitor'.  Several Imperial navy personnel have served with dark Goddesses, the most
important  being Rani St. James, the spokesperson of the Anti-Imperial faction in DG.

As successful as Code Sushiak was, its successor in the aftermath of the 5th Frontier, Code Verad,
was not.  This involved using several human & Vargyr pirates captured  during the war.  Giving
them a complete pardon in exchange for forming a privateering group under the control of Naval
advisors.  This backfired completely, when the squadron's commander, former Naval officer
Douglas Anglad 'Black Dog' McKimmon, mutinied on Ixchel/Liberty Hall.  Butchering the naval
personnel & any reluctant crew member, McKimmon formed the 'Black Fang' raiding through
several subsectors.

At this time, the Liberty Hall, Metchi 'Alagwa, & Delta exploded.  A near shooting situation exists
between Guildheim's Razas & the Duke of St. Foy over the latter's anti-Imperial activities.  LOFWIA
increased its terror bombing campaign financed by organized crime syndicates.   Independent
pirates not wanting to be caught in the renewed fighting have left the region, recruited by Imperial
renegade Fhormal Malesi for the war between the Gorian pirates & Aslan clan forces in the Trojan
Reaches.  In this background, Stern-Hansa (incited by it secret partner, Tuablin)has petitioned the
Die Weltbund government for renewed major naval operations in the Liberty Hall subsector.

In response, Intelligence went back to the methods of Code Sushiak, creating Operation
Starhammer, based on Liberty Hall/Liberty Hall. in 1119.  Besides the various pirates & piratical  
governments in the region, Intelligence reached out to dissidents in the Die Weltbund Navy.  In
1123,  the Starhammer  group organized a conference in the Guildheim system, including an
emissary from  Grand Admiral von Wessel, the commander of the Die Weltbund Grand Navy.
Dark Goddesses has responded favorably, with Rani St. James' squadron leading the way by
moving her base of operations from the Delta subsector to Hardass/Liberty Hall.  Webrunners,
whose interests lie more rimward in the Beyond, declined to attend the conference, however a few
Webrunners captain have responded, such as Deron Cortez.  
The original Liberty Hall Confederation was made of worlds colonized by Liberty Hall & destroyed by
Die Weltbund after a long drawn out conflict.  After defeat by the Imperium, Die Weltbund  
withdrew from the Harem subsector & turned to expansion in the Liberty Hall subsector.  In the
1070's Liberty Hall (under advisement & support of Imperial diplomats) approached the unaligned
planets of the Liberty Hall subsector to form a new confederation.  After 5 years of debate &
negotiation, a new confederation arose, consisting of Guildheim, Liberty Hall, Hardass, St. Foy, & the
League of Free Worlds.    The culmination of this new alliance came in the 1090's when Die
Weltbund declared war on St. Foy.  Confederation forces under Admiral Aes Ryoko Aani decisive
defeated on Die Weltbund, forcing it to a humiliating peace.  Since then, Die Weltbund & Zhodani
diplomacy & intrigue have succeeded where armed force failed.  The new Duke of St. Foy, Nicholai II
is decided anti-Imperial & has quarrelled with must of his allies.  Disgusted, Admiral Aani resigned
in 1102 returned to her native world of Lilith.  St. Foy ships raided into the Harem subsector of
Fareven during the 5th Frontier War.  Relations with Guildheim has degenerated after Guildheim
corsairs clashed with St. Foy naval vessels raiding in the Pearl of Zandvoort system in 1101.  
Currently a both St. Foy & Guildheim are close to a shooting war despite both Imperial &
Comsentient Alliance mediation.   St. Foy recent withdrawal from the Confederation has left it
weaker in case of renewed Die Weltbund aggression.   Fortunately, economic crisis has crippled the
reformed DW Grand Navy's ability to wage war on a large scale.
After the 579-939 survey turned in the report  on the Ancients remains on that planet reached the
IISS sector headquarters on Regina, events happened fast.  The IISS, representatives of the Ministry of
State, & the Duke of Regina all met in a long conference.   Several facts/theories emerged.  The
579-939 system, though blasted, possessed a working (if malfunctioning(?) Ancients device.  The
device is either some sort of black globe generator or more likely, a tractor/repulsor wave.  The
neutron star is in reality the power generator for this device.  As a result of the investigation & input
from the Asderonti, the command center still functions & can be activated & possibly repaired if the
proper key is applied.  This key is a mind of strong will & independence, multitasking, & of
uncommonly, frightenly sanity.  As the machinery could be destroyed; & the Imperium cannot afford
the manpower to guard the system; something had to be done to prevent the device from falling into
hands of someone (like Die Weltbund) who use it as a base for conquest or criminal acts.  After much
deliberation, Operation Darkling Void was formulated.

Darkling Orb has two major sections one for in system work & two for seemingly unrelated regional

The plans for 579-939 itself came of two mutual exclusive parts.  The first, Operation Void was
created to create a cadre of settlers for 579-939.   The work with Dark Goddessess brought
psychologists into touch with female corsairs & their innate, unnatural sanity.  This in turn brought
them to the Shrine enigma & the realization that the Serenity machine was the answer to part of the
problem.  The second was selected individuals from the ranks of the scouts (who possess the most
independent & flexible mentalities) or from their promising children.  
The second was Plan Crimson, a backup plan in  case the first plan was impractical.  This was
creation of a naval force, totally dedicated to defense of the system, to eliminate intruders.  Placed
under a very high tech 'Mother' virus infested companion bot (named Companion by Phalaris).  The
bot would control a naval force that would grow with each vessel (friend or foe) it encountered that it
could infest.
Originally, this force included a planetary monitor with a TL14 PAW spinal mount but is was destroyed
before it could become operational by a rogue gravity wave from 579-939.
However, if the settlement plan worked, Companion was programmed to aid & guide the settlers.

The first part of this plan was implemented in 1067.  However, it was not easy to find many suitable
individuals until 1084.  At this time a promising individual was located on Lilith, the granddaughter of
Phalaris, the then current commander of 579-939.  IBIS agents were sent to LIlith in 1086 to
investigate the potential of this girl, living at a temple undergoing psionic & religious training.  The
team's investigation found a perfect candidate, not only for settling 579-939, but for leadership.  All
she needed was to have her career path carefully guided for her (without her knowing it).  Her
mother, a very famous Lilithian dancer was approached by Imperial agents  with a proposition.  In
exchange for economic considerations the mother was to help the Imperium create their catspaw.
Exposed to naval officers, famous corsairs (such as Dark Goddessess corsair Aes Ryoko Aani) &
private tutors, the girl was guided into a new career that would lead to the Naval Academy on Regina
& the Imperial Navy for the best naval education she could get.  Ultimately she would be placed in a
situation where she would desert & go back to her home to start a life of piracy.  To ensure this, IBIS
would throw obstacles in her career path.  When she was finally honed fined & unhappy with the
service, she would be surrounded by a crew selected for their fitness in Operation Darkling Orb.
The final push would be a dead-end command with the worst naval  officers.
The plan worked, their catspaw would revolt & take her crew with her, following a path that would
lead to 579-939.  

The second half of Darkling Orb would involve regional stability & covert activity.  Stability would
come from the formation (or reformation) of the Liberty Hall Confederation, covering the unaligned
planets of the Liberty Hall subsector in a defensive alliance against Die Weltbund aggression.
Undertaken by Imperial diplomats (with assistance from LOS acting as devil's advocate) the
confederation eased tensions between the unaligned worlds & would redirect the regional pirates
against external threats by the use of letters of marque & mercenary contracts.  

Covert activity would be handled ( or more correctly transport ) by a series of smalltime transport
companies operating in the region.  They came by various names, often short-lived.  They were run at
time by the Ministry of State, Naval Intelligence, the IISS, & by IBIS.  

The most current incarnation is Phoenix Couriers(since 1101), operating as a closed corporation, but
secretly financed by the Ministry of State.    Phoenix consists  of  small scout ships 100-200 tonnes of
various makes, old X-boat tenders, a few Viper escorts & a private X-boat service.  It operates in the
Harem subsector of the Fareven sector, & the Mapepire, Delta, Liberty Hall & Metchi'Alagwa
subsectors of the Beyond.  Providing courier service, survey work, smuggling & a few other illegal
activities both for clients & for the Imperial government..
A major shareholder is Manax Darkhstarr (15%).   Darkhstarr  is the third head of Phoenix, & only
openly came out as CEO since leaving the Ministry of State after the Rei St. Foy.  The personnel is
made up of retired scouts (Imperial & non-Imperial), some former free traders, & a few pirates.  
Phoenix recently (1123)fought off a hostile takeover by Parallel Lines, aided by their biggest
non-Imperial client, The Razas & Guildheim.
THE BLUE SHADOWS: The IISS in the Beyond
The IISS's presence in the region goes back to the year 93, when the initial survey of the
Beyond  began.  In the years between the first survey & the First Frontier War, the scout
service's mission had been one of survey & first contact; paving the way for colonization &
commercial exploitation.  The main base for the IISS during this period was
Trayfowen/Mapepire.   Main Imperial colonization regions during this period was restricted
to the Mal'Gnar, Mapepire, Delta subsectors of the Beyond, the adjacent subsectors of the
Foreven sector & the Trelyn subsector of the Vanguard Reaches.

After the First Frontier War,  the IISS's role expanded to include expansion of covert
activities, major diplomatic initiatives, police actions, & the establishment & management
of the Vargyr Reach.  The First Frontier War & the following civil war also saw an many
Imperial colonist leave the Spinward Marches for safer regions.   

Several Imperial client states were established in the region just before the First Frontier
War: The Roz Confederation(Harem subsector of the Foreven)454; the Mapepire Cluster
(Mapepire subsector of the Beyond)470, Liberty Hall (Liberty Hall subsector of the Beyond)
511; & the Mal'Gnar Primarchic (Mal'Gnar Radiant of the Beyond) in 545.

By 601 much of the Trelyn subsector was mapped & friendly relations were established
with the Eslyat Magistry making it the Imperium's first client state in the Vanguard

In 702, the Vargyr Reach was formally organized as an Imperial domain under the control
of a senior scout in the IISS, its own naval & military.  Ironically, much of the security
forces raised under its provision came from the ranks of Vargyr deportees & their offspring

In 822-826 a more structured organization was created in the Beyond & Vanguard Reaches
with subsector headquarters under a senior scout established to coordinate IISS activity.  
Beyond HQ's were Trayfowen/Mapepire, Arbellatra's Tiara/Liberty Hall,  Tartakover/Die
Weltbund, Ljubjulianna/Mal'Gnar Radiant, Qat/Delta, Fleche/Metchi'Alagwa, Rusty/NE
Middle Beyond,  at Northstar/Darkling Regions, Battelle/Zydar, Caveat/Middle Beyond,
Station Three/I'Sred*Ni Heptad, Araniopa/Araniopa, Albazar/Spindward Drift, Starbase
Arcturus II/I-Glathriel, Stormcast/Storm, & Hoelle VII/Aslani.  Station Three was lost to
Sred*Ni expansion in 989 & never replaced.   In The Vanguard Reaches subsector HQ's  
are Enontekio/Coos, Varen's Planet/Trelyn, Devinne/Eslyat,  Srikakulam/Kajaani, Thur
Neria/Jarnac.    Stepford replaced Devinne as subsector HQ in 1009.  

Increasingly IISS personnel has been recruited locally in the region, both from locals & the
descendants of scouts who settled in the region.  

In the aftermath of the 4th Frontier War, the last Imperial navy units were withdrawn from
the Beyond & Vanguard Reaches leaving the IISS a larger security role.  The strain on
scout service resources caused several scout bases to close.  It also pushed the IISS to
purchase Imperial designs built under license in the Trelyn Domain & Serpent class scouts
from Delta Yards.    Between 1091 & 1099 the IISS received three Azhanti High Lightning
Frontier cruisers 1 each stationed in the Vargyr Reach, Mapepire Cluster, & the Liberty
Hall subsector.  In 1100, the Liberty Hall Azhanti 'Ethereal Dream' was hijacked by Zhodani
& disappeared without a trace, never having been report in Zhodani space. The lost has
been made up by three replacements built under license in the Trelyn Domain.
Currently, the IISS maintains 340 vessels from 100 tonnes to 10000 tonnes in the Vanguard
Reaches, Beyond, Far Frontiers, & Foreven sectors.  This does include the vessels in the
hands of retired scouts & their families.

                                IISS VS. THE IMPERIUM?

In pursuit of its mission, the IISS finds itself often at odds with Imperium policies,
particularly of Imperial plutocrats.  The most  notorious is its enlightened administration of
the Vargyr Reach & it's clandestine support of the Huin Hierarchy in the Touchstone
subsector & the Eslyat Magistry in its ongoing border disputes with the Trelyn Domain, the
most important Imperial client state.

Also, the IISS's policy of lending scoutships & personnel(some retired, some not) to local
systems governments for survey work has been criticized by the Ministry of State, the
Imperium Navy, & even been discussed in the Moot as being treason, or at lease exceeding
IISS operational procedures.  The service has successfully defending itself by pointing out
how it makes these same governments favorable towards the Imperium dependant on the

On the other hand, the IISS's clandestine operations operations & support of organized
pirate bands has contained Die Weltbund commerce raiding to the point where Imperial
naval assets could be withdrawn.  The Zhodani have withdrawn major assets away from
the Beyond due the success of the IISS in neutralizing anti-Imperial propaganda & Zhodani
covert ops.  Even many of the anti-Imperial worlds of the Comsenient Alliance consider the
IISS as a benign (sometimes the only benign) force in the region.

The scout service is the major force behind directing behind the clandestine operations
throughout the region, from creating phantom transport lines, charity organizations, &
much of the thought behind Darkling Orb & other operations.  Even Operation
Starhammer, though primarly a naval intelligence op, only came about due to the Navy's
jealousy  of the IISS's power & influence in the trans-Imperium region.

IISS has also been connected to or at least accused of several diplomatic scandals in the
Beyond & Vanguard Reaches in the last decade.  They include the smuggling of Rei St. Foy
from house arrest on St. Foy; Bette Noire's escape from imprisonment on Varen's Planet;
the Ghoukuk scandal; the harem conspiracy that overthrew  the Duke of Vlad; & the
Aoreth/Naff scandal on Trayfowen.

The IISS has also been linked by Naval Intelligence & IBIS to League of Sophont(LOS)
activities; though as of this date, only low ranking scouts have ever been brought to trial.